The Modular Observatory

    Far from being as simple as it looks, this observatory represents the first of our new, and revolutionary modular observatories.

    As built, it represents a spacious and simple 8×8′ (internal) observatory with a flap-down South wall and a rolling East wall – but it has the potential to do much more.

    The modular observatory is designed to be extended, at any time, by adding a warm room within the roll-off frame. This has three important benefits:

    • The initial cost is more affordable
    • The warmroom doesn’t increase the footprint of the building
    • You get a really spacious warm room that is almost the size of the observatory (and if you wish, can be subdivided to perhaps create a storage room too).

    Naturally, the modular observatories come with all the benefits of our standard observatories: class-leading moisture and temperature performance, high-quality materials and technical excellence – all of which guarantee your enjoyment for years to come.

    This is our first modular observatory, installed in early 2018 in the North East of England. For our client, the ability to add a warm room later was an ideal point of flexibility which got him up and running right away, whilst ensuring the full vision could be realised when funds allowed.

     Overall Size (mm): 5082 (L) x 2588 (W) x 2489 (H)
     Observatory Size (Internal, mm): 2400 (L) x 2400 (W) x 1994 (H)
     Warm Room Size (Internal, mm): 2400 (L) x 2296 (W) x 1830 (H) (when installed)
     Total length including frame (mm): 5082
     Roof type: Traditional hipped roof, tiled
     Exterior Cladding: Tanalised redwood shiplap
     Interior Wall Lining: OSB3
     Roof Covering: One-piece EPDM rubber membrane
     Roof Pitch: <1 degree
     Additional Features: Flap-down South wall
    Rolling East wall
    Modular design allows later addition of warm room


    Location: North East England, UK
    Completed: March 2018
    Approximate Project Cost*: £7,330 as built, £10,470 if built with warm room initially

    * Approximate project cost does not include VAT, haulage, groundworks, telescope or pier, and represents what a similar project might cost if completed now, including any improvements to our base specification.