The Clandon Observatory

The Clandon Observatory is another split-level design – but unlike the Hillside Observatory it doesn’t appear so – the horizontals have been kept consistent externally, and the observatory is specifically designed to minimise its visual impact – both for the owners and their neighbours.

Featuring a 14’x8′ observatory as well as a 4’x8′ warm room (overall dimensions of 18’6″ x 8″), this large observatory accommodates two telescopes with room to spare.  The pent roof, though a familiar feature on our observatories, was redesigned for this model to permit automated operation.  This example has a relatively low profile, but includes a full set of mechanics, allowing it to open quietly and efficiently at the touch of a button – despite weighing over 3/4 ton!

This observatory was also the debut model for our new system of wheels and rails. Manufactured in Italy, the wheels are incredibly high quality, featuring sealed bearings and an all-stainless steel design.  On disengaging the motor, the roof rolls comfortably with the pressure of two fingers!

As usual, we installed lights and sockets in both the observatory and the warm room, and beneath the floor is a generous 4″ conduit for getting cables to and from the piers from the warm room.

The proud owners have now installed their telescopes and are enjoying fantastic views of the night sky.