The Edinburgh Observatory

Our first observatory, the Edinburgh observatory was completed in mid-2011 and was the result of several months of planning.  Comprising of a basic 7×8′ observatory, its location adjacent to a nearby garage allowed a simpler roll-off rail system than is usually possible.

All the available space was used, in order to provide the customer with the largest possible observing space with a clear view of the sky.  The observatory was designed to be used remotely, and so the roof and other aspects were designed with full automation in mind.

The end result demonstrated clearly the direction that Home Farm Observatories would take: an uncompromising attention to detail, giving an exceptionally high-quality finish with millimetre-perfect fit.  It’s the same level of quality that is seen on the observatories we build today, though our design principles and build process have been consistently refined as we incorporate what we’ve learnt from each new project.