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In “How to Build an Observatory”, our free guide, you will find out exactly what should be considered in your roll-off roof observatory design. Our 10 key design decisions are essential to designing an observatory that will perform well for years into the future. We believe that getting these things right can prevent years of frustration and allow you to focus on your astronomy to its fullest. 

You’ll find out why we always design our roll-off roof observatories with a suspended timber floor and why the internal wall lining is important. You’ll learn how to calculate the right height for the floor, pier and roof. We’ll answer many other key design and materials questions to help you build your perfect observatory.

We discuss the pros and cons of a number of different roof types and roof coverings, different species of timber cladding (and alternatives to it) and what kind of foundation you need to support it all, with advice on digging depths and soil types.

We’ll give you a thorough understanding of what makes our observatories different from most roll-off roof observatories too. That’s not just in the details of the design! It’s also the quality of the materials we choose and the workmanship that is required to make everything work to ensure you get the very best out of your astronomy equipment. It’s a treatise in how not to compromise and how to ensure your observatory lasts a lifetime with minimal maintenance. In short, it’s what we mean by “Outsideology”.

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How to Build an Observatory - a free guide.

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