Of course!  The main cladding we use nowadays, James Hardie’s “HardiePlank” fibre-cement cladding comes pre-painted in a range of about 30 colours and has the appearance of painted cedar ‘featheredge’ cladding.  It has the very real advantage of dimensional stability: unlike wood products it doesn’t expand, warp or twist as the moisture level in the air changes.  If you’d prefer an unpainted finish though, we can use a wide range of timber cladding from inexpensive redwood pine featheredge to beautiful woods such as Siberian Larch, as seen on our Highland Observatory.  One thing we don’t install any longer is the timber shiplap cladding seen on many of the earlier observatories on our website; the product is no longer produced to sufficiently regularised dimensions to meet our tight tolerances.  If you’re looking for a finish we haven’t mentioned here, just ask!