The Buttress Observatory

A simple but spacious observatory with a generous external decked area taking advantage of the space beneath the buttressed roll-off frame.

One of three observatories built in the Summer of 2019, the Buttress Observatory brings together a number of the high-quality materials that have come to define our observatories. Featuring our Envirotile pyramid roof, the observatory offers the lowest horizons possible in all directions, whilst a system of squareline guttering neatly channels water away from the structure.

The observatory is externally clad in HardiePlank, which has become our favourite cladding material due to its inherent dimensional stability – it does not shrink, warp or twist like timber cladding – but also thanks to its beautifully consistent appearance, which mimics painted cedar.

Finally, the decked area beneath the roll-off frame is constructed using Millboard, a high-quality, British-made deck board with an appearance that closely resembles timber. As a product with no wood fibre (it is a resin/glass fibre composite), it will never rot or turn slimy, and it requires only occasional washing to maintain its beautiful appearance and non-slip surface.

Pyramid Roof

What do you call a square hipped roof? A pyramid roof of course! If you’re thinking about a square observatory (say a 6×6′ or 7×7′) a pyramid roof is a great option for ensuring the lowest possible nightlines in all directions. Our lightweight tile options and cedar shingles mean we can keep the pitch super-low too, guaranteeing great views all around. Hipped and pyramid roofs are also very strong but light weight – making rolling easier too.

Hardieplank Cladding

James Hardie’s HardiePlank cladding has proven very popular for our observatories. It’s a fibre-cement cladding designed to have the appearance of painted cedar, and is available in a range of over 30 colours. Its particular qualities of dimensional stability and longevity make it the perfect choice for those wanting a beautifully consistent and long-lasting finish.

Millboard Decking

Millboard is a British-made synthetic decking board that closely resembles timber. Available in either a fine grain finish or an antique ‘weathered’ effect, it gives the look, feel and even the sound of a timber deck, but with none of the maintenance. Its surface is non-slip and the boards are guaranteed for 25 years when properly installed. Our Millboard-approved installers are experts in beautiful details and flawless installation.

Overall Size (mm):2500 (L) x 2500 (W) x 2499 (H)
 Observatory Size (Internal, mm):2290 (L) x 2291 (W) x 1768 (H)
 Warm Room Size (Internal, mm):Not included
 Total length including frame (mm):4906
 Roof type:Pyramid (hipped) roof
 Exterior Cladding:HardiePlank – “Khaki Brown”
 Interior Wall Lining:OSB3
 Roof Covering:Envirotile – Smooth Brown
 Roof Pitch:Approx 14 degrees
 Additional Features:
Millboard decking
Buttressed Roll-off Frame

Location:Midlands, England, UK
Completed:June 2019
Approximate Project Cost*:£9,200

* Approximate project cost does not include VAT, haulage, groundworks, telescope or pier, and represents what a similar project might cost if completed now, including any improvements to our base specification.