Is a MODULAR Observatory Right for You?

Our latest observatory design allows us to seamlessly add a warm room in the future, without any wasted parts.  For our client, this was an ideal point of flexibility: he requires a roll-off roof observatory of a good size, but the additional floor space of a warm room would have taken it over his budget.  To be able to add a warm room later makes huge sense – but there are more benefits to this observatory design than just price flexibility.

Another key constraint for our customer was plot size – to have had an 8×8′ observatory with a traditional 4-foot warm room and a single roll-off roof covering both, would have meant an overall structure measuring 20 feet in length.  Placing the warm room under the roll-off frame not only reduces the size of the structure to 16′, but also allows a much larger warm room: in his case almost as large as the observatory itself.

In this particular design we are able to incorporate a roll-off wall to the East side of the observatory, as well as a flap to the South, allowing excellent views where horizons are low, whilst providing enough headroom in the (potential) warm room for our customer to stand upright (and he’s tall!).