We wish all of our customers, suppliers and friends a very happy, and prosperous New Year.

2017 was an incredible year for Outsideology, and saw us complete some outstanding observatories as well as the first five of our garden rooms.

Our observatories continued to develop and evolve, and 2017 saw the first to feature our new hipped roof – an advanced application for a traditional design that not only looks incredible but gives lower northerly slightlines than have ever been possible with a roll-off roof.  We first used the hipped roof on our Slate Observatory, then in November for our outstanding Highland Observatory – a design that brought together a wide range of our most advanced features.

2017 also saw us (very quietly) launch our Garden Rooms.  This represented the culmination of two years of research and development: we were determined only to enter this busy market once we had a product that truly stands out against the competing designs.  It’s safe to say our unique construction method does just that – offering class-leading levels of insulation for unrivalled comfort all year round, along with the very highest security and of course, each garden room is uniquely designed for its owner… no compromises.  To this point, our garden rooms have been available by referral only, but starting this month we’ll be providing you with all the information you need to commission your very own.

We’re looking forward to building on this success further in 2018 – watch this space for more updates!